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Two Tone Engagement Rings

In years gone by the main focal point of an engagement ring was typically the central diamond or gemstone. However, times have changed quite considerably and many couples base their choice of engagement jewelry on a stunning combination of precious metals. These are most often referred to as two tone engagement rings and are known to produce a truly stunning and luxurious contrast. Engagement rings seem to be far more detailed nowadays and the vast majority of brides would like their very own distinct and unique engagement ring.

There are numerous types of precious metal that can be used to produce a two tone engagement ring and the most popular choices include – yellow gold, which encompasses a variety of shades of yellow and you may even find rings that contrast two different types of yellow gold. White Gold is often used as an affordable contrast to yellow gold. Rose gold has become extremely popular in recent times and this is probably due to the unique pink and red hues. Rose gold is a particularly unusual looking color and will, without doubt, look extremely stunning and doubled up with another precious metal. Platinum is known to be more durable and brilliant than white gold and is often the most popular choices for two tone engagement rings.

The various colors of gold are the most obvious choice for two tone engagement rings, although many couples opt for silver, bronze or copper. Silver is known to add certain personality to a ring and its delicate patina is known to develop over time. Bronze may seem to be a fairly unlikely choice for an engagement ring, although it does offer the perfect contrast to many other precious metals. Copper is typically used in two tone engagement rings due to the very distinct amber and red colour that it provides. When paired together with another precious metal copper can look extremely elegant.

There are also numerous styles of two tone engagement rings and amongst the most popular are Celtic engagement rings. This will include an intricate design of Celtic knots that can be beautifully highlighted by the use of multiple precious metals. Often a Celtic engagement ring will have varying thicknesses of metals which will simply enhance its overall beauty and dimensions. Another style of two tone ring is the filigree engagement ring. This will encompass extremely delicate filigree patterns that are far more noticeable to the naked eye when using contrasting metals.

Interlocking rings are often used as a style of two tone engagement ring. At first glance it will appear that two separate bands have been woven together and this feature is simply highlighted by using contrasting metals. Flower engagement rings will typically use Rose gold as part of a floral design. This will merely enhance the appearance of the flowers without adding to the expense of the ring. You may also find certain split shank diamond rings. This type of two tone ring will use different metals on different parts of the shank. Finally, we have the Mokume Gane engagement ring which will blend together the designs of various metals. This is actually achieved without ever blurring the contrasts between the separate metals.

You will often find that certain rings that have particularly intricate designs which will generally benefit from having more than just two types of different metals. This is most obvious in a wideband Celtic ring and the Mokume Gane ring is known to use up to three or four different metals. If you do choose an engagement ring that encompasses more than just two metals you should ensure that this does not detract from the beauty of the central diamond or gemstone. This is probably why two tone engagement rings are far more popular as they offer the beauty of two different metals without ever being too busy. Additionally, two metals on a ring will not take too much attention away from the central gemstone.

You will typically find that two tone engagement rings are more difficult to find than the classic variety, and often they will be more expensive than a basic engagement ring. You should find that two tone engagement rings are readily available at the vast majority of jewelers and engagement ring stores, although their selection may be somewhat limited. The largest selection of two tone engagement rings will, without doubt, be found online where you have the opportunity to browse through a huge selection without being limited to a single store’s inventory. Two tone engagement rings are known to be extremely distinctive and elegant and are considered to be a fantastic alternative to your basic engagement ring. The most popular type of two tone engagement ring is definitely one that encompasses a diamond, although the attraction of several metals and varying hues will merely add to the overall beauty of this type of ring.

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