Diamond Wedding Rings

Two Tone Gold Rings

Gold rings are always lovely, but two tone gold rings have added depth that is only possible with a combination of complementary colors. Whether the ring is for an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or simply as a beautiful adornment to wear for any occasion whatsoever, give depth to the ring with a combination of gold tones.

Two Tone Gold Engagement Rings
Quite often engagement rings are done in two tone gold, where the shank is in one color and the prongs and/or central setting is done in a second color. Sometimes the shank is yellow gold and the setting is white gold to add white radiance under the diamond itself. However, there are times when the band is white and the setting is yellow gold, although not as common.

Two Tone Gold Wedding Bands
There are more two tone gold wedding bands than you probably know, perhaps because of the inherent symbolism in the combination of colors. Most often there is a combination of both white and yellow gold to show that somehow there will be light times and dark times in any union – but when taken as a whole there is a wonderful sense of unity.

Solitaire Two Tone Gold Rings
A solitaire is lovely when set in two tone gold because focus is less likely to be drawn from the single, central stone. A color that complements the stone is chosen for the setting while the alternate gold color forms the shank. For example, in a two tone solitaire where the central stone is sapphire, it would be quite breathtaking done in white gold with the band in yellow. Similarly, if the solitaire stone is a topaz, the setting would be marvelous in yellow gold with the ring in white gold!

Two Tone Claddagh Ring
For anyone of Irish descent, there is almost nothing more meaningful than a traditional Claddagh ring. Often used as a wedding ring, engagement ring, or promise ring, the Claddagh is formed with two hands reaching toward the center holding a heart topped with a crown. When the ring is two tone, there are a number of ways in which the colors can be combined. Often the crown or heart is done in white gold while the shank is crafted in yellow gold. Rarely would the band be white, but there may be rings like this available. Sometimes the heart or crown is also set with diamonds or emeralds (of course!) or a combination of the two.

Variations of Two Tone Gold Rings
Both men’s and women’s rings are done in two tone gold; however, there are times when only one of the metals is gold! If only one metal is gold it can still rightly be classified as a two tone gold ring, but the description would need to detail what the second metal is. Most often it is a combination of sterling and yellow gold if two metals are used, but sometimes yellow gold and platinum, rhodium, titanium or stainless steel are also used. Since gold is a very soft precious metal, the addition of a harder metal actually can add longevity and therefore value.

Gold rings are always treasured, but two tone gold rings add other textures and depths to a setting that might otherwise be unremarkable. Any combination of gold tones can be used from white, to yellow to rose, and even other precious and semi precious metals can be added as the second color as well. Whether you are looking for a promise ring, an engagement ring or a wedding band which traditionally work well with two tone gold, you can find a great assortment of two tone gold rings to fit any taste and any budget.

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