Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding Band Sets

Once you’ve found the perfect partner, your thoughts will probably turn towards marriage at some point during the relationship. This wonderful commitment to each other is usually cemented by a ring. Firstly, an engagement ring which is generally followed by a wedding ring or wedding band. Some couples do add to their ring collection eternity rings a little later on once the relationship has endured some respectable time.

How to choose a wedding band set
In this world of matching accessories, it makes perfect sense that the most important and significant jewelry you will ever wear should match. In fact for many, an engagement and wedding band are statements of style and status. When choosing an engagement ring your thoughts could turn to a wedding band automatically. In fact, there are so many different ideas available, that even if you don’t buy a wedding band set that matches completely at the outset, you can choose an engagement ring that can be matched with a wedding band later. The jeweler will be able to give specific guidance if you feel at a loss or if your budget needs to be taken into consideration.

However, there is a lot to be said for buying a matching set at the outset, and that includes saving a little. Weddings are expensive at the best of times and so being able to buy the perfect rings at a good price will ensure this is sorted well in advance of the wedding. Many couples opt to choose ‘his and hers’ wedding bands and this exciting prospect can bring you both closer together. Many men prefer to have a plain wedding band, although this is something you as a couple will explore together.

How big should the rings be?
Size may not seem to be such an important consideration, but there is nothing worse than wearing something that feels chunky or uncomfortable and the same is true with jewelry including wedding bands. Furthermore, if you have slim or short fingers, a large thick wedding band may not look right or may look unsightly. That is why it is important to try on rings before buying. Enjoy the whole process and don’t feel pressured by any sales chat – choose what looks and feels right.

Designing your own wedding band set
If you are a creative person, you may even decide on designing your own wedding band set. This engaging process can help to make your union more solid as you both become part of the process from choosing the type of stone, diamond, amethyst or whatever else you like, to the type of metal such as gold, silver or platinum.

What should the wedding band set be made from?
Traditionally, gold wedding bands and engagement rings are the first choice. There are many different alternatives available today. Wedding bands are often made from gold but are etched with a design, or set with diamonds to match an engagement ring. If you like gold then there is also a choice of white gold or rose gold. Clogau gold or Welsh gold, is a special gold that is only found in Wales and the British royal family have wedding rings made from this. This gold is mined restrictively and when it ends, there will be no more left. There are some wonderful wedding band set designs made from this gold which are quite unique and exclusive looking.

However, some people have allergies to gold and have to look for an alternative. After all, you don’t want to wear something that irritates the skin or causes rashes. There is thankfully an alternative in platinum, although these wedding band sets are more expensive due to the scarcity in this material. Whatever it is, searching for wedding band sets is always a fun and enjoyable process in itself so don’t just be overly concerned with prices and discounts – appreciate the process just like how you as a couple will cherish each other for the better half of your lives.

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