Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding Bands for Women

Wedding bands have been a symbol of love and dedication ever since the early Egyptians began wearing them as far back as 700 AD. The circle was considered mystical and it represented never ending love. It is easy to see how they incorporated the meaning of the circle in a simple circle wedding band. When the Romans came on the scene they used wedding bands to symbolize a contract between a woman and a man. These rings were often made in the shape of a reptile consuming its own tail so as to form a circle. For many centuries women were the only ones to wear a wedding band. It wasn’t until about the 1940s that men began to wear them to show their commitment to the marriage.

Over the centuries wedding bands for women have been fashioned from all types of materials. In the Roman days they were fashioned out of iron, because iron was the strongest metal available at that time. Over time gold and silver became the metal of choice to fashion wedding bands for women. Today some of the wedding bands for women are fashioned from two toned gold. Other popular metals used in today’s wedding rings for women are silver, sterling silver, tungsten, white gold, palladium, platinum and rhodium plated bands. Most wedding bands for women are a simple design but there are others that are very elaborate and can be studded with gems. The trend in today’s wedding bands for women is to have them engraved with the date of the wedding or a special message of love from the groom. It is also popular to engrave the wedding band with the initials of the couple that marries.

Some women prefer to wear a solitary wedding band while other women prefer to wear their engagement ring with the wedding band once they are married. If you are going to be wearing your wedding band with your engagement ring you can buy them as a set so that they will be sure to fit close together on the finger. Men who are shopping for wedding bands for a woman should take heed when selecting an engagement ring alone. You should select one that will fit closely when worn with a wedding band on the finger after you are married. For example, consider this scenario. Suppose you select a 4 pronged knife shank solitaire engagement ring for an engagement ring but after the wedding the bride will be wearing a wedding band with it. There will be a huge gap between the wedding band and the shank of the engagement ring. This will be most unacceptable by the bride. Therefore it is best to take your time and choose wisely by fitting the engagement ring with the band or vice versa. If an engagement ring is involved, you are better off buying a wedding set that includes both the engagement ring and the wedding band.

If you want to select a wedding band that will need low maintenance you can consider one made from platinum or palladium as these are two very hard metals and are the most abrasion resistant metals and will be last a long time with everyday wear. An 18K or higher yellow gold or rose gold wedding band is a softer metal, but remember, these metals are also resistant to abrasion. However, not as much so as sterling silver, platinum or palladium. Still, gold remains a very popular metal for use in women’s wedding bands. Many couples will choose 10k or 14k gold bands which is another option and there is nothing wrong with that.

Some couples prefer Eternity wedding bands for women. These wedding bands are encircled with gemstones or other valuable stones. Eternity wedding bands come in an array of metals and stones to choose from. You can also make use of the braided metal design for a woman’s wedding band. Tri color wedding bands are often chosen to show a vibrant relationship and a plain wedding band can be chosen to emphasize your pure love for each other. Recently there has been an upsurge in the antique-designed bands for women as well as Celtic wedding bands. You can find all of these styles available online where you can preview catalogues to help you with your selection.

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