Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding Ring Sets

Wedding ring sets are meant to last a lifetime so they should always be chosen to say ‘forever.’ While the fiancé may or may not want a matching wedding band, sometimes the lady likes to have a say in what types of rings to buy. For this reason, many men actually propose without the proverbial ring! Some other small token of love is often substituted for the engagement ring when proposing, and men have been known to use ‘cracker jack’ rings until they can go together to choose the set together.

Eco Friendly Wedding Sets
One of the latest trends is eco friendly sets. Because consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how we are virtually ‘raping’ our natural resources, they are even looking for eco friendly jewelry. By buying rings made from gold, silver or platinum that have been recycled and melted down, we are not only using less of the planet’s natural resources, but we are also reducing the risk that those miners go through day in and day out to mine for those precious metals.

True Blue Sapphire Wedding Sets
Another lovely stone for wedding ring sets is the blue sapphire. Normally set in white gold or platinum, blue sapphire wedding rings are among the loveliest in the world. Whether the sapphire is a solitaire or set with diamonds in the engagement ring or wedding bands, it is always a striking stone that draws attention simply because of the remarkable blue stone.

His and Her Wedding Sets
Because the man never knows, unless of course he ‘casually’ mentioned along the way the idea of matching wedding bands, he may want to wait until they can shop for sets together. Even the engagement ring is often left up to the lady, because after all, she’s the one who will be wearing it! There are a number of his and her wedding ring sets that are stunning and the lady’s set is often made to go with a matching engagement ring. While the bands may not be adorned with stones, quite often there is a matching set of diamonds or other precious stones set in an exact pattern, or in reverse of the other.

Two Shall Be As One
One of the most precious wedding ring sets is where the bride’s rings form the pattern of a heart when the wedding band is slid on the finger next to the engagement ring. Both bands are actually flat, and most often the heart is formed in diamonds although are times when some of the stones are rubies or pink sapphires. The symbolism is biblical – the two shall be as one. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Just as the circular wedding band and the diamond stand for ‘forever’, the two parts of the heart, when joined, stand for unity and completion. Each completes the other.

Diamond wedding sets are no longer reserved solely for the bride to be but are also incorporating many styles for the groom as well. There are many advantages to purchasing a wedding set rather than a solo engagement ring as those who purchase the engagement ring will still need to purchase wedding bands at a later date. Over a century ago, many men didn’t wear wedding bands as these were worn solely by the bride. Things have changed drastically and it is not only expected that men will wear a wedding band, but it is often a sign of a troubled relationship when a man chooses not to wear his ring. Couples in love who wish to symbolize their union through the simple, yet beautiful statement that wedding rings make will find that his and hers diamond wedding sets are an excellent choice.

When choosing an engagement ring for a bride-to-be, it is a wise idea to select a ring with a matching wedding band. Not only does this save time, and often money as the wedding set can be purchased together for a good price, but it also ensures that the rings will complement each other well and fit comfortably on the woman’s ring finger. Many women have struggled by trying to match engagement rings that had large diamond stones or unusual settings with wedding bands that only proved to be awkward. By choosing diamond wedding sets you can prevent the problem of selecting ill fitted rings and make certain that the bride has a set that will feel as comfortable to wear as it looks glamorous.

If choosing wedding bands with diamonds, it is even more important to select a set that complements one another as there is an increased chance that the two will have styles or characteristics that differ from each other, detracting from the aesthetics of the jewelry.

Those who wish to choose diamond wedding sets but can’t find a band suitable for the man may find that they can create their own sets. Many jewelers will provide the opportunity to design your own sets by choosing stones, the design or even engravings. By creating your own set you can be sure that your wedding bands and engagement ring are not only unique, but a true reflection of your love and commitment. There is a variety of styles available to select from and you may be surprised to find that when designing your own rings, you can do so at an affordable cost. Those who feel they are on a much tighter budget may find that they can create their own unique sets by having their rings engraved with matching, personal sayings or quotes.

Before selecting wedding sets, it’s important to determine what type metal you want to use for the band. The most popular choices are platinum, white gold and yellow gold. You should also decide whether to select 10, 14 or 18 karat gold. By determining beforehand what type of metal and what karat you prefer, you can save a great deal of time choosing the perfect bands for your needs.

Whether the wedding bands for the bride and groom are a matching set is not as vital as the bride having a band that matches the engagement ring. If you have your heart set on choosing the ring before asking that all important question, be aware of the fact that her ring needs to wear well with a band. Some diamond rings, although quite breathtaking, don’t lend themselves well to being part of a wedding ring set. When in doubt, it is always better to have some other token of your love to present when asking for her hand in marriage. There are other lovely rings that can be substituted as a ‘pre engagement’ ring until the couple can shop together for the perfect set.

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