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White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings are one of the more popular choices for engagement rings. This style of engagement ring is being spotted on many celebrities including the likes of Eva Longoria and Jennifer Aniston. It has quickly become established as one of the few major styles of engagement rings available. White gold is often used as an alternative to platinum for engagement rings as they provide a just as good look while being much more affordably priced. For those reasons, white gold engagement rings have become much more desirable. They are affordable, look great, and can even complement the visual display on the stones in the ring.

What is White Gold Made Of?
No jewelry will possess gold that is completely pure. White gold is actually an alloy that includes other metals besides gold. There is a combination of metals that were added with the gold to essentially bleach the gold. Some of the possible metals that may be included in the alloy composition include nickel and silver. By having such a combination of metals with the gold, a light shade of grey can be achieved. Rhodium or similar white metals are then used to provide a coating, which will turn the light shade of grey into a shade of white. This is mostly done to provide a color that is distinctive from platinum. The ring should be recoated every year or two to keep it at the appropriate color shade.

White Gold in Engagement Rings
White gold engagement rings with the princess cut remain very common in today’s world. The princess cut is very stylish and desirable, especially for the purpose of it being used with an engagement ring. A white gold engagement ring with an appealing diamond cut can ultimately be the most attractive combination imaginable for an engagement ring, regardless of your budget size.

The white gold engagement ring style can go very well with any bride-to-be. If you look at the typical décor and fashion styles for a wedding, most of it will be white. The bride will likely wear a white dress. Any jewelry on the bride besides the engagement ring is likely some shade of white. A few examples of this would be pearl necklaces and diamond cluster earrings.

Buying a White Gold Engagement Ring
One of the great things about white gold engagement rings is that they are pretty affordable when compared to the alternative styles of engagement rings. You will be able to find an attractive engagement ring for a price that is not outside of your budget range. There is also a wide selection of quality rings available so you can shop for a higher-end ring if you wish to do so.

When looking at white gold engagement rings, there are a few characteristics that may factor into the overall value of the ring. This would include the purity of the gold (karat), the size, cut, and quality of the diamond, and the price tag on the ring as well. You will want to factor all of this into your final purchase decision. You may even want to consider purchasing a previously owned white gold engagement ring from a private buyer if you want a top quality ring for a decent price. Just make sure that you get an appraisal certificate with the purchase so you know it is authentic and you know how much it is worth.

A white gold engagement ring can be inexpensive yet luxurious by appearance. It can easily be presented as a top quality, high priced engagement ring. With the appropriate design, stone size and quality, and price tag, a white gold engagement ring could easily be a solid investment. Ultimately, it is definitely worth at least looking at the white gold engagement rings that are available when ring shopping as something may catch your eye.

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