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Yellow Diamond Ring

Yellow diamond rings are a type of jewelry which consists of a ring with yellow diamond stones. There are both natural and enhanced yellow diamond rings. The difference between the two is the authenticity of the stone. Natural yellow diamonds have naturally received the yellow color while enhanced yellow diamonds have been lab treated to obtain the quality color and properties that the stone possesses.

Yellow diamond stones typically range in color from light yellow to fancy vivid yellow. These stones can get very expensive in the higher quality range with a single carat stone easily fetching $10,000 to $15,000. This stone type is not too difficult to find for loose stone purchase and it is in some pre-set pieces of jewelry already.

If you are looking to buy a yellow diamond ring then it may be a good idea to look at buying the stone and setting separately and getting it set by a jeweler. This could save you money and allow you to be more specific with what you want in the ring as the selection of pre-set natural yellow diamond rings is rather limited. If you are on a tight budget then an enhanced yellow diamond ring may be more suitable. These stones lose their appeal to most for their lab treated properties but they still offer the visual appeal that a standard natural yellow diamond does.

If you are interested in buying a yellow diamond ring then you will want to know a few things to make your choices easier. The first thing that you have to consider is whether you want natural or enhanced diamonds in the yellow diamond ring that you plan to buy. This will be a matter of personal preference and budget so figure out which is best for you before shopping around. If you are fine with enhanced stones then you can look at pre-set rings. Once again, as the selection of natural yellow diamond rings is rather limited you may want to look into getting the stone and ring separate. Also, you should set a budget before shopping around so you keep within your affordable price range when comparing your options.

You will want to think about the specifics of the yellow diamonds. This is incredibly important if you are investing in natural yellow diamonds. The main things to look at are the four C’s of the diamonds. This consists of the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. You will want to choose yellow diamonds which have a quality yellow color so the stone is as visually appealing as possible. The cut will have to be excellent so it shows off the stone. You can choose from many different cut types as well. The clarity should be eye clean to prevent inclusions from being easily visible. The carat weight will be dependent on your budget, cut type, and the size that you want the stone to be.

You will also want to consider the metal of the ring. The most common choices for yellow diamond rings are metal types such as yellow gold and white gold. This will mostly be a matter of personal preference. You will want to think about how well the particular metal color will look with the yellow diamonds. If you choose a type of gold then you will also have to decide on the karat amount that the metal should be. Most gold rings are 14K gold but you can find 10K and 18K as well. Factor your budget into this as well.

The style and type of yellow diamond ring that you want must be decided also so you can narrow your selection accordingly. The right ring will depend on what it is being bought for. Some examples include yellow diamond engagement rings, anniversary rings, and fashion rings for casual wear. When choosing from the style you will have various options for the setting such as solitaire and channel set rings.

Pre-set yellow diamond rings that contain natural yellow diamond stones may be difficult to find. If you are looking for enhanced stones instead then you will not have as much difficulty with shopping around. You can check with various jewelry stores in your area and possibly some other stores as well if you are looking for treated diamond jewelry. If you want to buy a natural yellow diamond ring then you should make the effort to shop around and obtain loose stones and setting to be set together.

For natural yellow diamond rings you will want to shop for the loose diamond and setting separately. You may have certain requirements for the cut type and carat weight based on the setting choice. There are many online stores that sell loose yellow diamonds with various choices for the four C’s that you can choose from. Be sure to search around and check with various stores, many have the same database of stones though. Take the time to create your list of requirements and find the perfect stone or stones for the ring you want. You can then check between many online and local jewelry stores to find the right setting for the diamonds.

Yellow diamond rings can be very appealing and are a great choice of jewelry for yourself, to propose with, and to be given as a gift to anyone close to you. The yellow diamond stone is incredibly stunning and is a top choice of colored gem to have in your jewelry. These stones are a little rare and can be pricey but it can be a solid investment for many people. In closing, yellow diamond rings are a great choice of jewelry to invest in but you will want to know exactly what you are looking for and take your time when shopping around.

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