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Yellow Gold Peridot Ring

Every gem has something about it that is interesting and unique, but the peridot has some rather unusual attributes that other gems don’t have. First and foremost, the only gem you will find in a meteorite is peridot! That alone is quite interesting, but unlike most other gems, you will only find peridot in olive green. This is why peridots are often confused with emeralds, even though the colors are a bit different. Peridots lean toward the yellow end of green whereas emeralds tend toward the blue. As the birthstone of the month of August, you will often see some lovely peridots set in yellow gold, often accompanied by other gemstones such as a diamond or pearl.

Yellow Gold and Peridot
Some stones just don’t wear well with yellow gold, but not so the peridot. Because the green of the stone is often lime to olive, it blends exceedingly well with yellow gold. This stone can be worn with literally any color metal, even rose gold but peridot is most often set in yellow gold. As the birthstone of August there are a great number of yellow gold peridot rings that are not exceedingly costly yet quite attractive. It is possible to find a good quality yellow gold peridot ring for right around $200 which is quite low in terms of precious stones.

Oval Peridot Ring
Cutters will tell you that because of the formation of the crystalline structure of a peridot it can be a really difficult stone to cut. However, once cut it is a beautiful stone. One of the most popular cuts is an oval peridot which is often set in yellow gold with diamond accents. A good quality oval peridot ring in 14k yellow gold can be found priced at around $125 to $150.

Checkerboard Cut in Any Shape
One of the most attractive cuts for a yellow gold peridot ring would be the checkerboard cut that brings out a different shade of the peridot with each and every facet. Given that the peridot is a rather hard gemstone at 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, and often difficult to cut, it is amazing what a master cutter can do with a checkerboard cut. Most often a checkerboard cut peridot is cut on a round or oval shape, but the stone can be square or rectangular as well.

Yellow Gold Peridot Ring and Earring Set
Because a peridot is not an extremely expensive precious stone, many yellow gold peridot rings can be found as part of a set that includes at least a matching pair of earrings. Some sets have matching pendants and brooches while other sets even have a charm for a bracelet as well. You will often find yellow gold peridot ring sets with diamond accents, and most often they are set in 14k gold. Although it is possible to find an 18k yellow gold peridot ring set, it is unlikely that the peridot will be a solitaire.

For anyone born in the month of August, a yellow gold peridot ring is a must. However, the color of a peridot makes it an ideal stone to wear with any summer or spring wardrobe no matter what your birth month or birth stone. Often mistaken for emeralds, peridots have adorned jewelry since the days of Cleopatra. In fact, it is believed that many of the jewels she wore were not emeralds at all but peridots! A yellow gold peridot ring, with or without diamond accents is the perfect gift for a person born in August because it is a true precious stone and amazingly affordable.

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