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Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

Designed for everything from weddings to casual outings, there are few rings as versatile as a gold wedding ring. With several different types of gold to choose from and an incredible range of different styles, it’s very possible to build a versatile jewelry collection out of nothing more than banded rings. From wedding rings to birthday gifts, they really are the most versatile piece of jewelry available.

However, that doesn’t make them an easy piece of jewelry to purchase. With hundreds of different gold bands available –14k or 18k yellow gold bands, white gold bands, and engraved wedding bands all popular styles – it can be difficult to pinpoint your ideal style. These six buyer’s tips will help you pick a yellow gold band that’s elegant, expressive, and affordable for even the tightest budget.

Consider the occasion: Are you shopping for a wedding band or an all-purpose ring?
The vast majority of yellow gold bands are wedding rings, built to discretely slip onto the ring finger of a bride or groom. These rings tend to be fairly nondescript and simple, featuring few large gemstones or engraved features. However, over the last decade it’s become quite common to see an otherwise bland wedding band feature an engraved name, message, or unique pattern.

But despite their popularity as wedding rings, not all yellow gold bands are built for newly married couples. Individuals often buy yellow gold rings for themselves, particularly for use alongside other rings and flashier pieces of jewelry. It’s about versatility, and given the immense versatility of many yellow gold bands, it’s possible to wear them alongside almost all other jewelry of clothing items.

Think of the right texture, size, and thickness for your band
Just as there’s nothing funnier than an oversized wristwatch slung upon a small arm, few things look as bizarre as a bulky wedding band fitted to a slim finger. As with other pieces of jewelry, it’s useful to size your 14K yellow gold band before committing to a purchase. This can prevent embarrassing fit and discretion issues, as a ring that’s simply too large can often look out of place and rather silly.

Pick a yellow gold wedding ring that’s appropriate for your finger, your skin tone, and your build. It’s also important to consider your own personal style. Do you wear clothes that are dark and fairly form-fitting? If so, it might be worth investing in a smaller band to ensure that it doesn’t cause unwanted attention. Rings, like most other pieces of jewelry, are about appropriate sizing and all-round style.

Consider innovative paisley, brushed, and floral patterns
Do you want your yellow gold wedding ring to truly stand out? While most shoppers invest in gold band jewelry for its simplicity, a growing number of jewelry enthusiasts are picking their wedding and casual rings not for their downtempo style, but for their remarkable beauty. From paisley print to brushed metal, there are hundreds of different ring patterns for you to choose from.

Make an intelligent decision – one that reflects both the ring’s value and your own personal style. A wedding band is a major investment, particularly when it’s built from 14K yellow gold. Whether it’s casual or formal; made for a wedding or simply special occasions, picking a unique paisley print or floral inlay for your 14K yellow gold band can add a much needed level of uniqueness and beauty.

Look for rings with diamonds, precious gemstones, and other additions
While most yellow gold bands give off an air of luxury on their own, many are nicely matched by a set of clear diamonds, precious gemstones, or inlayed silver pieces. The amount of luxury gold bands available has grown exponentially over the past decade, signaling a significant increase in the amount of shoppers looking for wedding bands that truly stand out from the crowd of imitators.

The most popular choices include polished jade, emerald gemstones, and chocolate diamonds. Due to the immense cost of many precious gemstones, most combined gem and gold bands are given as both wedding and engagement rings. Despite their expensive nature and flashy style, these rings are becoming quite popular as an engagement or anniversary gift for couples.

Set a strict budget in advance, and ensure that you stick to it
The jewelry industry certainly know how to sell effectively. You walk into a store with intentions of buying a modest ring, yet walk out with the most expensive yellow gold band available. It’s an unfortunate reality of jewelry shopping – getting something modest is difficult when you’ve spent a day looking at flashy rings – but it’s something that needs to be mastered for effective ring buyers.

Set a strict, unbreakable, and utterly inflexible budget in advance to prevent yourself from buying a wedding band or formal ring that you just can’t afford. The temptation to upgrade is always a major threat for jewelry shoppers, and it’s one that can only be beaten by creating your own budget rules.

Consider alternative gold styles and band materials
You don’t need to have a rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold band. Many couple have picked simple wedding bands, foregoing an expensive ring in favor of a luxurious honeymoon or long-term sabbatical. It’s gotten particularly hard to justify the expense of a luxury ring in the recession, with a distinct drop noticeable in jewelry sales and the demand of high-end wedding or engagement rings.

If you aren’t interested in a luxurious wedding ring, let your partner know. There’s no reason to buy a high-end ring purely for its expense or perceived luxury, as the true purpose of a wedding band is to bring two people together. Pick something that you both appreciate, even if it’s not the highest of the high-end jewelry pieces. Comfort, be it financial or personal, should come before exclusivity.

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