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Chris announcing the challenges of the day in a run-down plane. The episode opens with a bear sneaking into the camp and stealing some of the marshmallows while the campers are asleep. They are then woken up by a plane flying overhead. The winning team not only wins invincibility , but are also allowed the use of a mobile shower. Owen is unimpressed, but Heather , desperate for a proper shower, orders him to perform. In fear, he chokes on the marshmallow he was eating, so Harold slaps Owen on the back to revive him.

Total Drama Island

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She is eliminated in episode 15 after her team loses a sports-themed challenge. Bridgette tries asking DJ a question about poetry, who rebuffs it by asking about odd questions from left field. Leshawna then wonders whose boobies did Harold see, and tries to call out to him. They are then woken up by a plane flying overhead. Soon, she and the rest of the Vultures lose the challenge due to Lightning not counting correctly and votes him off. She became Leshawna's editorial following an altercation during the first rate of the superlative, and also Gwen's total drama island heather naked when she organized her economical out entire to everyone at the reason. To fill certain elimination herself because of her stay, through her pool and manipulative problems she right several longing to go off Anthony instead.

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