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Thirteen reasons why doesnt shy away from heavy topics. Directed by jessica yu. Vanity fair views. Though strategic camerawork ensures that nudity isnt the focus of these sequences the content is extremely troubling and thats the point.

Hannah baker hot. What If Hannah Baker Had Been a Slut?

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One of the biggest topics in the ever-evolving discussion surrounding 13 Reasons Why has been about the show's graphic rape scenes. Though strategic camerawork ensures that nudity isn't the focus of these sequences, the content is extremely troubling — and that's the point. It's important to show the disturbing nature of such a vile crime, but there may be reasons you want to skip the scenes. Whether you have young children whom you would prefer not to expose to those parts of the show just yet or you or someone you know has a history that includes sexual violence, it's good to know exactly when the scenes happen. There are two rape scenes in the first season. The first happens about 40 minutes into episode nine aka "Tape 5 Side A".

I haven't watched this show, but I think there is value in displaying rape scenes to show the viewer that rape is obviously rape even when the word "no" isn't said. Downton Abbey had an infamous rape scene in the 4th season, but it's the rape scene in the first season that no one calls rape that got my attention. Lady Mary says no to a houseguest three or four times - once downstairs when he forces a kiss on her, making it extremely, verbally clear that his attention is unwanted, and again several times when he forces his way into her bedroom. She asks him to leave multiple times and threatens to call for help, but he makes it clear to her that she is trapped and that no one will answer her call at that time of night.
We believe that talking about it is so much better than silence. Hannah is introduced as a at the fictional Liberty High School, where she struggles to adjust to living in an unsympathetic school environment. The list would result in Hannah being sexually harassed by her classmates, and later raped by Bryce. Anyway, wanted to let you know I really appreciated your take on it. I am an Extra in this scene if there is any question as to copyright.