Adult cream pie

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If you've ever tried to translate a word or phrase from one language back into English , you will be well aware that sometimes things can become a little lost. A perfect example is McDonald's new range of tasty treats that are set to launch in Japan this week. Available for a limited time only, the 'Adult Cream Pies' have certainly caused more than a few red faces since their imminent arrival was announced earlier this month. If you aren't familiar with the other, much seedier meaning of 'cream pie', I urge you NOT to look it up on your computer. Really, don't. Safe to say, Maccies pies and those found in the depths of the internet are not at all linked.

McDonald’s In Japan Is Selling Something Named ‘Adult Cream Pie’

What’s in a ‘Japanese Adult Cream Pie’? · Global Voices

It evokes a sense of high quality and refined flavor. While people in Japan may not find this new addition to the menu too lewd, some English speakers are having a blast with the latest announcement. Well you know what I mean. The Adult Cream Pie dessert is available starting Jan.

McDonald's Japan launches its Adult Cream Pies, and the verdict is in

You just popped in for an apple pie, but you went for something more tantalising instead, following your instincts and deciding to live dangerously. The internet are going somewhat wild for it due to its sexual connotations rather than the taste, though, as the name has been somewhat lost in translation. The dessert — which comes in cream cheese or chocolate flavours — is akin to an apple pie but with an indulgent cream filling. Gotta love Japan, where they censor porn and have creative products names like this.
If the goal was to generate buzz, McDonald's Japan struck the mother lode in January when it launched its new dessert. For at least a week, the new offering was a key topic of conversation on Facebook and Twitter, and generated headlines around the world. Unfortunately for McDonald's, however, it wasn't the new product people were talking about, but its name translated into rather lewd English. The name of new dessert offered by McDonald's in Japan?