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Video is everywhere. And now they can. Smart phones today can shoot in HD and laptops are even equipped with free, simple video editing software. While smart phone, GoPro, even drone footage is something we all can now explore, should just anyone make a video for your business?

Amateur vs. Professional Video Production: 5 Ways to Tell the Difference

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Naturally, the accessibility to pro-level NLEs , as well as free training via YouTube and other resources, has created a surge in the editing community. And so there are many amateur editors who mistake technical skill for creative ability, when in reality the two are mutually exclusive. Below are five of the most common creative mistakes that inexperienced editors will make:. Arguably the most common mistake of amateur editors is over-cutting their footage.

Production tips for amateur videographers

Videography is complicated. The number of steps between pre-production and going live are enough to put anyone off. Use these tricks of the trade to start your video production off on the right foot.
Want to learn with the biggest names in entrepreneurship and education? By Hotmart. With smartphones and quality compact cameras, it has become much easier to record homemade videos for the web. Just go to YouTube and you will find a huge number of channels that produce the most varied content. Even large companies have used these materials in their strategies to promote their products and brands.