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Although society is advancing forward, it's a relief that traditional clothes like the Japanese kimono are still worn in this day in age. It's an ancient look in a modern day Japan! Kimono create elegant beauties out of girls, but a kimono can be quite difficult to take care of and put on due to the rules involved with wearing kimono. Due to the difficulties, many girls in Japan wear kimono only for certain occasions like festivals, weddings, and coming of age ceremonies, there are still women in Japan who choose to wear kimono everyday! Just like in Japan, girls who wear kimono regularly in anime are rare, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Now, let's check out the top anime girls in kimono!

Anime Kimono

Anime Kimono Girls

Skip to main content Anime Kimono. Arrived super fast! Super Cute! I ordered the the Extra Large, I am 5'1" and over lbs, and it still fits a bit tight. My waist is about 34 inches and that is basically as big as you can be for an XL to be able to fit you, fair warning it will be extremely tight, I had to put it on with the Velcro all the way at the edge of the belt. The elastic on the skirt is also a bit tight but its still to the point where its not uncomfortable. Still I think it looks adorable, despite it fitting tight, I got this to go to a convention in about to two months, so I'm probably going to try to shave an inch off my waist before then, so overall I am going to say I am pretty happy with everything.

Top 10 Anime Girl in Kimono

It combines simplicity and practical elegance. It also exudes a very signature style that, like Chinese and Korean traditional clothing, makes them completely unrecognizable from the classical styles of clothes in Europe during similar eras. Anime characters that wear kimonos as their signature suit of clothing!
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