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Gerard: So they did succeed? Chris: Tell me what it is. Gerard: Oh, not what it is. What it was. A monster whose only purpose was to kill-- not for sustenance, not for revenge, not for any rational impulse other than the drive to end life wherever it's found. It also has a rather personal connection to our family.

The Beast of Gevaudan

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Sebastien was a serial killer, and Marcel helped cover up his crimes. Sebastien was tracked down by his sister three years later and she finally slew him using a mystically forged Pike, a single weapon that could kill him. His name was then forgotten after Marie-Jeanne invoked damnatio memoriae. The now-undead Beast only reverts back into Mason and becomes the foretold enemy of a hellhound , Deputy Jordan Parrish. The Doctors invoke lore that to revive Sebastian, the perfect killer, someone 'truly good', Mason, has to be corrupted, forming the perfect 'true' evil.

La Bête du Gévaudan

Sebastien is played by French-American actor Gilles Marini. According to Dr. Valack , the Beast was originally a human in the late s, the time of the original Gevaudan attacks.
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