Belladonna (actress)

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At the time she was at something of a crossroads in her life. As Belladonna, she was arguably one of the most successful and sexual beings to ever do it on camera, but at the time we were filming she was in the last days of her XXX career, as well as the twilight of her marriage to longtime collaborator and father to her child, Aiden Riley. We talked extensively on and off camera about which direction her life would take at a time when the world seemed spread out in front of her. Over the past year and a half we have stayed in touch and exchanged parenting tips and baby stories. During that time she mentioned a few possible new career paths: aerial silks performer, Cirque du Soleil acrobat, sexual instructor, and the list goes on. Then one day out of the blue she texted me: "I have amazing news.

Belladonna (actress)

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Belladonna born Michelle Anne Sinclair ; May 21, is an American former pornographic actress, pornographic film director, actress and producer. She has retired from acting and directing pornography and has been involved in other interests, including non-pornographic acting. Michelle Anne Sinclair was born in Biloxi, Mississippi , the second of eight children. She grew up in a Mormon family.

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In January, classmate Thomas Bagley recognized Knox, 19, from her extracurricular work and allegedly spread word on campus, which quickly led to national media coverage on the adult-film newcomer. Since then, Knox has responded via open letters and high-profile television and radio appearances , both standing by her sideline gig and calling out the hypocrisy of her critics. The Spokane, Washington, native even drew the now-infamous vitriol of celebrity therapist Dr. Drew Pinsky. Of course, Knox isn't the only XXX actor to find his or her name ripped from search-engine obscurity and splashed across sensational mainstream headlines.
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