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While Tencent releases may continue to dominate the gaming headlines coming out of China in , imaginative titles explicitly aimed at female users are quickly gaining mainstream attention as they forge their own position in the vast market. China is home to more gamers than any other country in the world, and one-third of them play on their phones. The transformation of female-oriented gaming from a niche interest into a mainstream segment is something that industry players can no longer ignore, especially when thinking about monetization. Since the second half of , mobile dress-up games and dating simulators have surged in popularity in China. Choosing the most in-style outfit for your virtual avatar or wooing a digital boyfriend are not new or unusual concepts in modern gaming. However, these aspects are typically intended to complement the bigger picture and make content more immersive.

Female online game player number in China 2015-2019

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In China, it really depends on who you ask. Some women are obsessed with dating four fake boyfriends, while others are busy feeding an adventurous frog. Mobile games designed especially for women have proven to be huge hits in China in recent months, while violence-laden games also have record numbers of female players competing alongside men. With the doors of the gamer community in China now wide open to women, companies are eager to make sure women keep spending on games. The two biggest mobile games for Chinese women these days involve being a good girlfriend, or being a good mother. By January, the dating-simulation game had attracted more than 2 million daily active users , with the overwhelming majority being women in their early 20s.

From fake boyfriends to killing everyone: What China’s women want from video games

They live in semi-luxury like b-list celebrities. China boasts the largest internet population in the world: more than million Chinese people are online , according to government officials in January. But until recently, many computer games were not available here.
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