Do pornstars enjoy having sex

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I often find it hard to focus at work. It's the nature of my job, but then it's possibly the nature of most jobs—I think. And interestingly one study from found that most people daydream at least 30 percent of the time, except when they're having sex. So where does it fall for adult entertainers?

Do porn stars really enjoy sex? The answers will surprise you!

What Porn Stars Think About During Sex

January 31, pm Updated October 16, am. Keiran Lee may be one of the most successful male porn stars in the world — but he says when it comes to satisfying his own wife, he can be a flop between the sheets. His porn work, which started with Killagram in Loughborough, has taken him to Spain, Russia and France. Speaking about his first scene for Brazzers. I was doing this scene outside in the garden in the snow. But he added the pressure of looking good from all angles while filming can often be very tough on the women. They want to be camera-ready.

I’m a porn star and it’s hard having sex with my wife

Ever wondered what life as a pornstar is really like? Tanya: " If you work in a restaurant you still enjoy good food. As a pornstar, I can appreciate both gentle sex and hard, fast, animalistic sex; it depends on the mood.
Lehmiller , a social psychologist who focuses on sex and relationships, put together some data from two surveys of porn actors and actresses that shows quite the opposite is true. The data used by Dr. Lehmiller comes from two separate studies: one that surveyed women from , and another that surveyed men from the same year. The figure is very similar for the porn actors, who averaged about an 8. So while every single orgasm may not be totally real, the odds that the actors and actresses you're seeing gyrate on screen are actually enjoying what they're doing are fairly high, at least according to these surveys.