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Of the 13 companions available in Fallout 4, none are more intriguing than the robot companion Curie. Curie's story begins as a mystery, and as it progresses, will pull on your heartstrings like no other side quest in the game. Helping Curie solve her problem will quickly become a top priority for you, and we have all the details to help you find Curie, acquire her as a Companion, complete her story, and earn some fantastic rewards. Curie is a robotic scientist found in Vault


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Fallout 4 has a variety of potential companions that provide company while you traverse the wasteland. Many come with their own quests and unlockable perks. If you want to take advantage of these perks, you first need to max out your affinity with the companion through a variety of actions. When it comes to dialogue choices, aim for nice responses such as supportive or positive ones , peaceful responses that aim to de-escalate conflict, and mean-spirited responses she seems to like both nice and mean responses, oddly enough. Below we've broken down specific, repeatable actions that will help or hurt your relationship. There are also some one-time and quest-specific actions you can take that will affect your relationship with Curie. Possible spoilers ahead, depending on where you are in the game.

Emergent Behavior

How to unlock: You must improve your relations with Curie , speak with her and agree to help her. Once you unlock Curie as a companion, start traveling with her and perform actions that she will approve on. After a while Curie should speak to you. You must hear her telling you that she wants to obtain a human form.
Emergent Behavior is Curie 's companion quest in Fallout 4. After gaining affinity points with Curie , she will ask the Sole Survivor if they have a moment to speak. She claims that her robotic nature and its lack of "Human Inspiration" prevents her from progressing any further in her research, and then asks for the Sole Survivor's help to become more human so that she may further her research. Once the quest Dangerous Minds has been completed, the player character can then suggest asking Doctor Amari , a memory specialist and affiliate of the Railroad at the Memory Den , for help.