Fight for sex

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National movements, like the one behind this demonstration in Santiago, Chile, have helped drive changes on campuses. But on campus, he compiled a darker record, former and current students have alleged in dozens of complaints. They say he mistreated women, including by favoring and emotionally abusing female students he was dating and retaliating against those who rejected his advances or complained about his behavior. Earlier this month, university officials concluded he was guilty of sexual harassment and misconduct and fired him in a watershed moment for the university—and for a growing effort to fight sexual misconduct on campuses across Latin America. He denies harassing, favoring, or retaliating against anyone, and says he will challenge the 6 February verdict, claiming the process was flawed and unfair. But she and others complain that the Uniandes investigation was marred by bureaucratic bungling and a lack of transparency.

‘The spark has ignited.’ Latin American scientists intensify fight against sexual harassment

What It Means if You Fight About Sex | Women's Health

Every couple has that one issue they always fight about. And while recurrent fights are common , they might not actually be healthy: "You shouldn't be having the same fight over and over again," says Kimberly Moffitt, Ph. So the core of the issue , which reveals a lot about your relationship as a whole, isn't resolved. We asked Moffitt about the most common recurring fights between couples and what they might mean for the big picture of a relationship. The Fix: You have to address what your priorities are by talking to your partner about your short-term and long-term life goals, says Jane Greer, Ph. From there you can discuss how you can compromise on his goal of getting to Europe and your goal of buying a house, for example. If you're not able to compromise on your values, then meet with a relationship therapist who can help mediate, says Greer.

FBI program uses public’s help to fight child sex abuse

Do you have to think that prostitution is good to support sex worker rights? How do sex worker rights fit with feminist and anti-capitalist politics? Is criminalising clients progressive—and can the police deliver justice?
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