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Even though it's over, if there's one thing Game of Thrones remains notorious for—aside from that ending—it's the sex scenes that littered the series. From season one, episode one, GoT was a show that wasn't afraid to show plenty of sex scenes, from young hotties Daenerys and Jon Snow to the incestuous pairing that were Cersei and Jamie. There was plenty of death in Game of Thrones , including many of the people above—it's been over for a while, guys, I'm not going to apologize for the spoiler—but, dare I say it, there were even more sex scenes. Do not me. Did Melisandre ultimately seduce Gendry with the goal of surprising him by bringing leeches into the bedroom to suck out some of his blood for some ritual? Was it hot in a BDSM-y way?

Sex Scene Compilation - Game of Thrones - Season 1 (Nude and Celebs Sex Scene from the Series)

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Broadly counted every instance of rape, murder, and nudity in "Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones felt the pressure to break out as an edgy HBO series—so much so that the term " sexposition " was coined to describe the show's use of sex to keep viewers riveted during exposition scenes—and they succeeded by leading with the franchise's most statistically naked season and the season tied for depicting the most rapes. Over the past seven years, Game of Thrones has attracted criticism for its use of rape as a mechanism for character development and its inability to engage thoughtfully with the devastating effects of sexual assault. Daenerys's character arc in Season 1 contains one of the most egregious examples of this tendency: Khal Drogo repeatedly rapes her, and Dany's ability to learn how to " make the Khal happy " with sex was an integral part of her ascent to power. This is a pattern that reoccurs later, with Sansa's rapes by Ramsay. Dany's Season 1 plot runs loosely parallel to Mirri Maz Duur's, a priestess-witch who Dany believes she has saved from rapists and pillagers. Unbeknownst to Dany, Mirri Maz Duur had already been raped multiple times prior to her intervention, and the embittered woman accelerates Dany's story by killing her husband, reducing their storylines to a shallow dilemma be bitter about rape and literally die from it, or overcome it and gain the power to kill others and marking the first instance rape is used to drive the plot.

'Game of Thrones' Season 1 Has the Most Rape and Nudity

Game of Thrones. The HBO adaptation of George RR Martin's novel was full of some of the most sensual, and most disgusting, sexual encounters ever committed to film. Beyond the proliferation of it, did it serve any purpose?
And while these scenes can involve some hard-to-watch incest ahem, Jaime and Cersei or extremely cringey rape scenes like Ramsay and Sansa , there are also plenty of hot, steamy scenes to provide some sweet relief from the brutal world that is the game of thrones thank you, Jon and Ygritte. Here are the 27 hottest to downright uncomfy scenes the show has given us over the past eight seasons. The first episode of the series set the tone for unsettling sex scenes with Khal Drogo raping Dany on their wedding night.