How to masterbate with lube

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Don't know your size? Click here to find it. Peter is surprised to see condoms included in an area literally dedicated to going solo. However, the truth is that there are many reasons to wear a condom when masturbating, and some of them may surprise you.

9 Reasons To Consider Masturbating With A Condom (Beyond Avoiding The Sticky Mess)

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I heard from a friend today that masterbating dry causes your penis to shrink, asked another friend they said it grew when you masterbated dry. MAsturbating without lube does not cause any shrinkage. Depending on if you are circumcised or not will determine whether you need to use lube or not. Some cut guys are cut loose enough where they can masturbate without lube. I am one of those people.

Masterbating dry or with lube?

Powered by Shopify. We live in a time when the pressure to perform is a constant, and often unwelcome, companion. Even sexual expression, such an essential component of who we are as human beings, can fall into the productivity paradigm too easily. But what if we defied those expectations and opted out? What if we decided to slow down and do nothing except explore and enjoy ourselves?
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