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Exclusion from government Covid relief has left many reliant on private food donations, as fears raised over protection from transmission after lockdown. R asheeda Bibi has five rupees to her name. As a thunderstorm rages through the city, Bibi worries about the leaky roof of her small room. It is now a month since India went into total lockdown on 26 March to contain the spread of Covid She has no money left for food, or sanitary towels for herself and her daughters, let alone for fixing the roof. As non-essential economic activity has ground to a halt, the lockdown has hit millions of people working in the informal sector.

Sex and the village: The sexual lives of rural Indian women

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To share your story, get in touch on ukpersonal huffpost. Growing up in a traditional Indian family in s Mumbai, I was taught that sex was shameful or dirty — chee chee , as we say in Hindi. Second, women only have sex when they get married — and even then, we have no interest in the actual act. We just lie back, think of India, and let our husbands take their divine right between our legs. All of these are your own fault.

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The show was a product and a catalyst of a zeitgeist in which financially independent and imperfect women had carved out a space for themselves and their casual, raging sex lives. And just weeks after the release of Season 2, Amazon announced on Friday that another season was already in the works. For decades, both Indian satellite TV and Bollywood, the Hindi filmmaking sector, served as mirrors of society, mostly reflecting the broader political and social norms of upper-caste Hindus. On TV, melodramatic soap operas focused on family dynamics, portraying women as extensions of men as their mothers or wives or daughters. And Bollywood offered predominantly male-focused narratives with women often playing purely decorative roles.
Women in villages of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh talk to Lounge about navigating sexual desire and seeking pleasure amidst prejudices of gender, caste and class. The first time S had sex was with her husband, she was 17, her husband They had two children in the first five years of marriage. The sex was fine. Not great, but at least she was getting it.