Is alissa violet related to jake paul

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YouTube stars Jake Paul and Alissa Violet have been collaborating on videos for ages, their quirky chemistry earning them tons of subscribers and shippers. Known as Jalissa, the two never confirmed they were dating — but never denied it, either, even going so far as to sell Jalissa merchandise to fans. Based on some serious drama that unfolded last night on the pair's profiles, though, it looks like Jalissa definitely was a thing — and serious feelings definitely were involved. Whether they were ever an official couple depends on whose side of the story you believe, but either way, Jalissa is over now. On Monday Alissa started posting vague tweets hinting at discord within Team The unusual posts continued on Tuesday, when Alissa directed fans to her Snapchat for the full story.

Jake Paul Might Be Back Together With Ex Alissa Violet — What We Know

Jake Paul's ex reveals ugly side of their relationship in part 7 of Shane Dawson's docu-series

Whether you recognize Jake Paul for his mediocre Vines RIP , his brief stint on Disney Channel, or for one of his many bad decisions, you're probably well-aware of his undying affinity for drama. The year-old internet personality essentially thrives off a steady diet of bad decisions and histrionics, and one story we're particularly interested in right now is what happened between him and his ex-girlfriend, former Team 10 member, Alissa Violet. Despite the fact that Jake is taken, he's married to Tana Mongeau! Nothing is confirmed on that, but really, we can't help but wonder what happened between Jake Paul and Alissa Violet in the first place. Jake and Alissa collaborated on a ton of videos, and apparently had great chemistry, though it was never actually confirmed they were dating , according to Seventeen. In they moved into a house with five other social media stars, forming a "creative cult" of sorts, called Team

Jake Paul's ex reveals ugly side of their relationship in part 7 of Shane Dawson's docu-series

A trailer and an extended trailer for the series was posted on his YouTube channel on September 11, and September 21, , respectively. The series premiered on September 25, [2] and concluded after eight episodes on October 18, The series is presented by Dawson, who investigates the world and mind of controversial fellow YouTuber Jake Paul as well as the psychology of YouTubers. The series has over million views in total. The Mind of Jake Paul generally received mixed reviews.
Once upon a time, Jake Paul and Alissa Violet were one of the biggest power couples on the internet — or so it seemed. Throughout their relationship, the pair definitely seemed as happy as could be. They constantly posted super cute pictures together, filmed tons of videos side by side and constantly gushed over each other online — and fans were living for it. Yep, thing seemed picture perfect between the couple until one day, when Jake seemingly kicked Alissa out of the Team 10 house.