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Couple caught having sex on the street in New Zealand and cheered on by onlookers. Nine-year-old Chinese boy stuck dart in his colon whilst playing. The moment an infant is rescued after falling under wheel of moving car. Incredible Indian frogs turn bright yellow to attract a mate. AFL star reveals his mother is fighting for life with coronavirus.

Couple Caught Having Sex in Public…Next to Their Daughter [NSFW]

Couple caught having sex on the street and cheered on by onlookers | Daily Mail Online

WHEN it comes to public displays of affection, these couples could really do with reigning it in. The passionate pair appeared oblivious to the crowds gathered outside the bank, who filmed the amorous display on their mobile phones. Here we take a look at other recent high street romps that were embarrassingly caught on camera. Stunned onlookers could hardly believe the bizarre daytime public sex, filmed in Manchester earlier this month. Footage seems to show a woman performing a sex act on the man in the corner of a branch of Domino's believed to be in Scarborough. Later her trousers appear to be pulled down as the man stands closely behind her at the counter of the store. Shop owner Christy Peterson, who filmed the x-rated romp outside her window, said they seemed oblivious to the fact it was broad daylight and "didn't flinch" when police arrived.

Couple caught having sex in the middle of a New York public park while horrified families look on

Paula Garner and James Sanders were arrested Friday, March 27, on charges of indecent exposure and drug possession in the parking lot of the Brookside Police Department. Brookside Police. An Alabama couple was taken to jail Friday after authorities say they were caught having sex - in the police department parking lot. As it turns out, Garner was scheduled for court-ordered community service Friday stemming from an earlier criminal case.
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