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How knowing these signals can almost eliminate your chances of getting rejected or making an embarassing mistake with a girl Choking during sex may be something of an unknown to you, something that can even be a little bit daunting just at the thought. I've written about sexual dominance before , so if you don't have the basics down yet, that's a good place to start. But today I want to get a little more specific — I want to write about sexual choking. To start off, choking during sex is not for everybody.

Why Some People Are Turned on by Choking During Sex—and How to Do It Safely, According to Experts

Safe Choking — Jerk Magazine

Have you been curious about choking during sex? Maybe you had a partner recently who, seemingly out of nowhere, asked you to choke them? Or perhaps you saw a porn scene recently where choking was the main attraction? We have the goods. There are many risks. Just because you saw choking in a porn scene or are interested in it, does not mean you should just run off and choke your partner. This is all around a BAD idea.

Safe Choking 101

Ever asked someone to choke you, only to have them limply rest their hands on your jugular like a weak handshake? First things first, ask your partner if they want to be choked. In order to properly choke your partner, you have to apply pressure to the carotid artery. Maybe designate certain gesture or verbal cues like a safe word for your partner to use to increase or decrease pressure.
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