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Knowing that your partner finds you so absurdly hot that they can't look away can be a huge turn-on. So why not make your body, which is goddamn perfect, even more the star of the show? Here's how to flaunt what you've got going on. Because damn, you are FINE. Kind of like reverse cowgirl, but if you fell forward and then caught yourself by grabbing onto their thighs. Your partner sits up straight, soaking in the sight before them.

Sex Positions Intended for Only the Most Flexible Among Us

Tracey Cox reveals 10 show-off sex positions to impress your partner | Daily Mail Online

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Tracey Cox reveals 10 show-off sex positions to impress your partner

What kind of person trades classic cowgirl for a sideways version that involves a full-on split? And what kind of person does a full-on backbend just to give their partner a blowjob? If you love the classic butterfly stretch—and if your partner is strong enough to hold you suspended in mid-air—the Butterfly might be right up your alley. Bonus points if you can go full-split on this one.
By Tracey Cox for MailOnline. These show-off, ultra-ambitious sex positions will have you boasting to your friends and scoring big brownie points with your lover. Whether you are trying to impress a new partner or hoping to try something new in the bedroom, Tracey Cox reveals the top ten 'show off' sex positions. She lies back and pulls her knees up to her chin.