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That's before you remember that this is the internet and, per Rule 34, there is erotica of everything, no matter how asexual it seems. Still, whenever I've brought it up in conversation, which I've done at almost every opportunity, even the most jaded find something newly shocking and surprising about the vast, ever-growing field of amateur Sonicrotica say it out loud, it works. To be fair, just what in the hell IS going on here? You're Gorgeous by shadight. There's a whole world of this stuff just one Google Image Search away, and while you can imagine the basics, Sonrotica I don't think this one works exceeds every expectation. There are many muscle-bound bulging Speedo'd Sonics.

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That's the central message. The gaming icon is noticeably more muscular than his video game counterpart. In a surprise twist, the Sonic the Hedgehog fan community has come together over their shared hatred of Movie Sonic and his muscular human-proportioned body. We're using cookies to improve your experience.