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By Daniel Van Boom. He came to fame by putting his body through exorbitant amounts of pain. He's pictured here in L and R. Steve-O's grown up He's made the transition from comedic stunt man to stand up comic.

'BLOWING A LOAD': Steve-O's new show features mid-air sex stunt

Steve-O Says He Stopped Having Sex for Days - Sex & Dating

The last time cult stuntman Steve-O was in Scotland he had a great time, even though he doesn't remember much about the trip. But for a guy who was once considered the most insane and reckless member of the hell-raising and danger-baiting Jackass crew, that could have been just about any night of the week. The TV and movie star shot to fame 11 years ago with the crazed action show all about a group of self-confessed idiots trying out cartoon-style stunts and random acts of masochism in the name of entertainment. The MTV show, which was hilarious at its very best and grimacing horror its worst, became an overnight sensation, propelling stars such as Steve and Johnny Knoxville to household name status and giving them the money and fame to take raucous party lifestyle all over the planet. For ex-circus man Steve, that that in between filming for Jackass series and the spin-off movies, he would spend the next eight years the craziest drugs, drink and sex that anybody had seen since the heyday of Motley Crue.

Steve-O reveals he was a sex addict but is now seven months after deciding it was time to 'grow up'

However, there is one story Steve-O told that probably outshines all of the others which involves crashing a house party in Hollywood, boxing legend Mike Tyson answering the door, the two of them locking themselves in a bathroom for hours, and then snorting and smoking up the MASSIVE amount of cocaine Steve-O had on him at the time. I remember having like half an 8-ball in in one pocket and like, an untouched 8-ball in the other pocket. Bensinger then wondered exactly what they talked about while locked away doing coke in a bathroom for hours. Then they segued into talking about the time Steve-O and Mike Tyson somehow ended up locked up together in a psych ward. The mass email that led his Jackass co-star Johnny Knoxville to stage an intervention along with stories of his recovery….
Published: September 18, The Jackass alum, now 45, has stapled his balls to his leg numerous times, put a fish hook through his face, attached a leech to his eyeball and allowed himself to be flung sky-high in a porta-potty full of poop. His stories have formed the basis for his transition into stand-up comedy, which he has been performing for more than a decade.