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The former Hollyoaks actor is currently making a big impression in Hollywood with the action-packed series. The x-rated sex scene features in Strike Back: Retribution, a reboot of the franchise that kicked off in He can be seen burying his head in her breasts before they get physical and grab each other by the neck. Roxanne made her acting debut in Hollyoaks, taking on the role of Louise Summers between and Speaking to the Daily Express about the demanding filming schedule, Roxanne revealed: "On Game of Thrones we'd maybe do three or four scenes and there'd be moments when there was no one around, and you could think about your character or they'd be setting up somebody's single shot and then that would take half an hour to get. They're gonna have to cut to somebody else because you're making blockbuster action for TV, so we don't have the time to think about changing stuff in scenes.

Former Hollyoaks star Roxanne McKee strips off for raunchy sex scene in TV drama Strike Back

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Strike Back is returning to Sky1 - and if you're looking for an action-packed, adrenalin-fuelled thrill ride, you could do a hell of a lot worse than Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton's high-octane drama series…. But, now in its fourth series, there's a few changes in store for Strike Back - not only is Robson Green joining the regular cast as SAS legend Philip Locke, but we're going to see a softer side to Scott Stapleton and Stonebridge Winchester. Both Stapleton - 'Sully' to his friends - and Winchester were keen that their characters be portrayed as "humans" and not "superheroes" in this latest run of Strike Back. We don't want to be in a show that's just blunt force trauma - you've got to care about the people. But while the sex scenes may have been "toned down" this series, the action certainly hasn't and there's still plenty here for Strike Back fans to enjoy - in fact, Shadow Warfare is the first series that's been devised with the show's growing fanbase specifically in mind…. One big change this year is the aforementioned addition of Green, who stars as the new head of Section 20 - Stonebridge and Scott's boss - an apparently "upstanding" man with a "corrosive secret". Google me'.

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Hint: There will be action. And sex. Some things that came up:. Families watch the show together.
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