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What one person considers taboo sex might be perfectly normal for another, and vice versa. To prove that no type of legal and consensual sex is objectively outside the norm, we posed the question: What sex act s do you love that society might see as "taboo," but is actually perfectly normal? We specifically reached out to people in the sex ed industry, but also publicly posted the question on helpareporter. Several people responded and their answers show just how diverse and pleasurable the spectrum of sex can be. Want to explore new ways to find pleasure, alone or with a partner?

4 "Taboo" Sex Topics All Women Should Be Talking About (But Aren't)

4 "Taboo" Sex Topics All Women Should Be Talking About | TheThirty

I recently attended a dinner in Los Angeles hosted by the brand Lola, a female-founded line of organic, locally sourced, gynecologist-approved reproductive care products from tampons to condoms. We are committed to transforming, both from an industry perspective and culturally, how we all approach our health and well-being. Transparency is part of the reason Lola decided earlier this year to conduct what it's calling the " State of Sex survey ," in which it tapped over women for their honest thoughts and attitudes about sex. The survey asked women about the following topics: the number of sexual partners they'd been with, how often and where they have sex, whether or not they've faked an orgasm, which partner is responsible for birth control, and whether a good relationship can exist without good sex. Pleasure, orgasms, casual sex, and the "right" number of partners or amount of sex being had are all hush-hush subjects that women feel most embarrassed about discussing , says Lola, hoping that this survey will break down some of those taboos.

11 People On The Taboo Acts They Enjoy In Bed

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Even if we don't always discuss it, being kinky isn't uncommon. Although for a long time it was kept in dark corners of the world because people were afraid to admit to the fact that their brand of sexuality wasn't run of the mill, in recent years, especially with the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, people are being more vocal about what turns them on — and off. Logan Levkoff tells Bustle.