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The audio, which was recorded in , featured now President Donald Trump bragging about sexual assault by saying that, because of his celebrity, he can grab various? And many women were having none of that. Women are newly empowered to use the word—formerly considered vulgar—proudly. We talk about our pussies all the time, in a variety of different settings, with lots of different people. But to really reclaim a word that was typically used to dismiss female anatomy, it's important to understand its history.

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Have you ever wondered what that stuff in your panties is and why it changes? Yeah we did tooWe're introducing a new way for our customers to manage their GoCardless account. That whole hymen-breaks-when-you-lose-your-"virginity" thing is a total myth. Why some people pee a lil from sneezing, coughing, jumping, or laughing. Same as any old virus like the flu or a common cold. Birth is a complex and intricate process. It is also the most normal and simple process.

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In other words, not all women are white cis women; some men have pussy's. White, western women with pink pussy's are not the saviors or harbingers of global women's liberation. We urge you to reconsider a new logo that takes into account for all women - those with pussy's and their many colors and those without pussy's. You can start by: 1.
Now more than ever, The Stranger depends on your support to help fund our coverage. Please consider supporting local, independent, progressive media with a one-time or recurring donation. Our staff is working morning, noon, and night to make your contributions count. L esbians, ahead of their time, have always known the importance of cunnilingus. But for far too long, cunnilingus was seen as taboo by both heterosexual women and men.