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Similar to the other models made by Leonhart, this table convinces with quality , processing and outstanding game play properties. With this table, groups of 8 up to 22 people can be entertained at only one match. To realise that, the XL Mega is available in different varieties. The standard model is made up of 2 pieces and can be played by 8 people. Due to a simple and smart plug-in system , some extensions can be put between the 2 halves, so that the table grows from 8 over 12 and 16 up to 22 possible players. Owing to that, the XL Mega is a special eye-catcher at exhibitions , schoolyards or company events.


Body, Red/White: Raider XL Mega | HorizonHobby

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Wide XL Mega Lana Hoops

In the spirit of continuing the 'T-chat' theme of talking about being a transvestite I thought I would revisit the topic of sexuality and risk bringing up another subject I've found to be taboo in the past. I'm going to mention it as I am genuinely curious to hear the views other transvestites may have about it. The T-chat group has taken off better than I ever expected and I really hope others will also join in and post videos of themselves talking either on screen or as narration about transgender topics be they heavy, light, anecdotal or just fun.
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