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Tween or teen got a hairy situation?

Tween or teen got a hairy situation? - Advanced Life Clinic

He gazed in awe at her rounded seven-year-old arm, brown from the summer sun, and the silky, dark hair encircling it. But I had been waiting for this to happen for a long time. In a school full of fair-skinned, light-haired Caucasian kids, she—at that age—looked hairier than she actually was, and certainly hairier than the boy in question. I had done what I could to prepare her for the potential onslaught, the barrage of unkind comments about body hair. He looked at her arm again. On this journey, I would recall my own hairy youth and the pain of waxing a practice virtually unheard of at the time in Switzerland, and therefore costly. I would remember envying friends with smooth, hairless limbs who could strip down to their swimsuits at any given moment and recall how I would have to come up with excuses to cover up the fact that I had to time my pool visits around waxing visits.

First, the problem really needs to be bothering the child. No 10 year old is going to tolerate the discomfort of the procedure if the hair is not bothering him or her. Another thing to consider is the changes the hair will have as a child goes through puberty. If the unwanted hair is really of major concern to the child, then most patients will plan to go ahead and proceed because early treatment will make the problem less than it would have been by delaying treatment until they are older. This typically is around for most girls.
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