Irritation after sex

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This is a travesty, especially considering sex should release a bout of feel-good endorphins, not painful symptoms to WebMD about yourself. The same applies to your post-sex extracurriculars, too. And yeah, it gets a lil complicated. Obvi we recommend incorporating sex toys for all kinds of fun—partnered or solo.

What causes itching after sex?

Why does sex hurt? - NHS

Sex should be about pleasure and enjoyment. However, for many women, enjoyment in sex is often quelled by pains in the genital area. There are many good and beautiful things about having sexual intercourse with the one you love, but unfortunately, for many women, it also causes stinging and irritation. This is because the skin on and inside your genitals is extra sensitive. Pain after intercourse can be quite harmless, but it can also be a sign of something more serious. Read this guide for an overview of what can cause pain after intercourse and what you can do about it.

What’s Causing My Itching After Intercourse, and How Do I Treat It?

Although neither of these conditions is life-threatening, the discomfort they cause can certainly put a damper on things. It may affect up to 20 percent of cisgender women in the United States, as well as up to 5 percent of cisgender men in Australia. After reviewing your symptoms, a doctor or other healthcare provider can recommend therapies that will help you get back to business, pain-free. Not having enough natural lubrication can increase skin irritation and sensitivity.
There are a few possible causes for itching after intercourse, like dry skin or an allergic reaction. Some sexually transmitted diseases STDs can also cause itching that may be aggravated by intercourse. Vaginal itching after sex that only happens on occasion is probably nothing to worry about.