Adult holiday party ideas

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Whether you're attending or hosting a Christmas party this year, chances are, you'll need to come up with some fun Christmas activities that everyone will enjoy. While family Christmas games are a good option for everyone especially for keeping the kids' table busy! Luckily for you, we've rounded up some of our favorite grown-up activities that'll pair nicely with a Christmas cocktail or two. Especially these Christmas drinking games!

Christmas Party Ideas for Adults

34 Christmas Party Games Just for the Adults

The holidays are exciting for a handful of reasons — the lights! It's never too early to start planning a festive get-together, and these themes will leave your guests wishing the celebration lasted all year long. From belting out holiday hits to showing off candy cane-twirling abilities, your guests will have a laugh-filled night at your very own holiday talent show. Tell your guests to come over in their comfiest clothes for a holiday movie marathon filled with Christmas flicks and an endless amount of sweet goodies. Instead of spending money trying to outdo your friends on the best present in the gift exchange, aim to have the worst. There's nothing funnier than opening up a bunch of horrible presents — then trying to figure out what to do with them after.

20 Best Christmas Games for Adults That Are Great for Any Holiday Party

Start off the holiday season with some fun and take advantage of these Christmas party ideas for adults. Consider mature adult Christmas party ideas such as a Mr. Claus dress up party, a Christmas cocktail party, or a fun party activity where partners dress each other as Christmas trees. Cheese's American Girl Boomers! Enjoy these creative Christmas party ideas for adults: Mr.
Naughty or nice, everyone loves a good party game — especially at Christmas. The trick is to choose the right party games based on your group dynamic and Christmas party theme. One of the greatest parts about Christmas is the quality family time. Make memories and enjoy a little friendly competition with these family Christmas games that are a ton of all-inclusive fun. Difficulty Activity Level.