Dark souls 3 dancer

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The Dancer of the Boreal Valley is one of the main Bosses you must face if you wish to progress in the world of Dark Souls 3. The Dancer is located in the High Wall of Lothric area. You will be directly teleported here after defeating the third Lord of Cinder, which - depending on your path - can either be Aldrich, Devourer of Gods , or Yhorm the Giant. You can also access this fight early by killing High Priestess Emma at the beginning of the game, however this isn't recommended due to the bosses difficulty.


Dark Souls 3 boss: how to beat Dancer of the Boreal Valley - VG

Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Dark Lightning Strike. Only Youtube Partners can place videos. Embeds from FL channel only - please add your link below if you're a partner. Due to the large size of her flame sword it is not recommended to dodge backwards when she does combos. Wield your weapon two-handed and watch her sword.


She's both elegant and violent — one split-second mistake can even cost the players dearly, especially those who have no patience. Unlike most bosses, the Dancer of the Boreal Valley has certain attack delays and feigns that resemble, well, dance moves— which is the primary reason why she's such a tough boss. Hence, there's no shame in seeking help in fighting her; if players are too prideful to go multiplayer and want to defeat her solo, then these 10 pro tips ought to make the deadly dance with the Dancer less humiliating. It just so happens that she has long-arms and can easily outrange players. This can be problematic if players are locked-on since backward movement that way is slower.
In-Game Description. The Dancer is a towering, lanky being that more closely resembles her master, Pontiff Sulyvahn , than the other beastly armored knights from Irithyll , like Vordt. She stands upright instead of crawling on all fours and shambles with deceivingly slow steps. This unusual gait, paired with the caustic dark ooze that drips from her body whilst warping into the cathedral very similar to the liquid that exudes from Knight Artorias , may imply a connection with the Abyss. Under normal circumstances, she will reveal herself after the player has defeated the first three Lords of Cinder : the Abyss Watchers , Aldrich, Saint of the Deep and Yhorm the Giant.