Gravity falls dipper and bill

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It premiered on September 8, , on Disney XD. Mabel decides to put on a sock puppet rock opera to impress a local puppeteer but her show goes astray when Dipper's drive to uncover journal secrets leads to a supernatural disaster. Unfortunately, they are stopped from accessing the contents because it's protected by an eight letter password. Mabel chats him up, telling him she has a love for puppets as well. Gabe is glad to find someone who is as "puppet crazy" as he is and asks her when her next puppet show is.

Sock Opera

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Although heavily criticized, it is simultaneously the Gravity Falls fandom's most popular ship, boasting over 4, works on Archive of our Own alone. It is commonly shipped alongside Mabifica. Billdip began as a baseless crack ship, and grew in popularity following the episode "Sock Opera". Sock Opera , the fourth episode in the second season, marked the dramatic spike in Billdip popularity. In the episode, Bill finally returns after a long absence. He is seen bantering and messing with Dipper, providing the significant, plentiful canon interactions the crackship needed.

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