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Some Pictures sent by cyberdreamersharkperson. Log in Sign up. Emmanuel Longoria muscle men massive muscle men. Sergey Kulaev massive muscle men muscle men muscle arms muscle triceps muscle biceps muscle chest. Dan Tai. Nick gigantino Muscle muscle and fitness American Muscle muscle men muscle man Muscle Boy muscle hunk men in underwear Danny Miami miami beach miami muscle battle muscle fight clash of the titans giant men mermaid bodybuilder wet men wet muscle.

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NSFW, rarely post exposed genitals! Just hunky, muscular bodies of men of varying shapes and sizes, and usually very attractive faces. Ranging from skinny muscle all the way to bodybuilder muscle, and everything in between; I like most of it, but only reblog stuff that really gets to me. Ask me to take stuff down if need be. Please be 18 or older to view my blog.
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