How to make homemade knockout gas

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You might as well make a poisonous gas; it's easier and it's almost certainly going to turn out the same way in the end anyway. The reality is that any gas that can put people to sleep can also kill them, and the difference in dosage between unconsciousness and death can be surprisingly small. This is why an anesthesiologist monitors the entire surgery when a patient is given a general anesthetic; the dosage needs to be carefully adjusted based on the patient's vital signs at any given moment in order to keep the patient both unconscious and alive. There are many gases which can be referred to sleeping gas, as they can make people unconscious or asleep. One of the the most famous is Chloroform vapors.

Incapacitating agent

Incapacitating agent - Wikipedia

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any ideas on how to make sleeping gas?

In fiction, one of the easiest ways to incapacitate an opponent or group of opponents is to get them in a closed room and pump in Knockout Gas. Knockout Gas is an area-effect form of Instant Sedation : as soon as the victims breathe it, they cough weakly a few times and then slump to the floor unconscious. Other forms make the victim sleep and are known as sleeping gas.
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