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My step-niece Sex Story | Sex Stories 69

We never spoke about our sexual encounter again. Her oldest daughter was at the time now eighteen years old and was ridiculously hot. Just unbelievably voluptuous and I began fantasizing about her as soon as I laid eyes on her. She, just like her mother was raised without a dad so she is very affectionate towards father figures in her life including me. She even asked if she could sleep with me while I was there. The next morning I woke up early and over heard my sister and her husband talking about how they were gonna go to the city to run some errands and would be back late in the afternoon.

My step-niece

I heard my step-niece wake up early in the morning to watch cartoons. So I went upstairs with a spare blanket. I knew she would be watching cartoons on the couch. I also knew that she had a little crush on me. I put the blanket over us and knew that she was cold.
Just a short little story this one, but one hopefully you will enjoy and really it acts more as a prelude for future stories of the experiences I have had with my gorgeous nieces. It was a Saturday evening around 10pm and I was sitting on the sofa, watching a film on the telly. My niece had had a shower earlier and was wearing a little cotton night gown, I had also showered and was in just my dressing gown.