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Funny thing is the topic continues to be of great interest today. Dear Abby: We installed a hot tub several years ago. We are always naked when we use it. When we entertain guests, we let them know in advance that it is their choice whether to wear bathing suits or not. If they opt to wear suits, we ask if they care if we or other guests are naked. Recently we invited new neighbors to our house for a welcoming party with other neighbors.

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We asked our entire customer base if they enjoyed their hot tub soaking experience up close and personal or did modesty prevail? Results were similar in our survey as modesty continued to creep up in popularity. So where are we now? The point is, it always feels great, nude or not nude whichever you decide! Our Hot Spring Spa is so accustomed To bodies heartily and merrily welcomed, We would not, could not, dare to think, Of dipping blithely into the drink, With bodies clad in beach attire, Festooned with elastic and under wire.

When she wore that bikini, her bouncy, breasts were popping out it. When she walked her boobs also bounced with it. Her ass was also coming out of her panty and her butt cheeks were visible.
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