Scavenger hunt lists for adults

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Spring is right around the corner and many of the hunts listed below can be done outside. However, since spring can have some unpredictable weather, there are many on the list that can be done indoors as well. All of the printable scavenger hunts listed below are FREE, making them easy to just print and go. I hope you can find some printable scavenger hunts on this list that your family will enjoy and that will help you make happy memories. Maybe you can make a seasonal family tradition with some of the ones on the list. Beach Scavenger Hunt from Buggy and Buddy.

Coolest Around Town Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

Scavenger Hunt List Ideas, Free Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults, Teens, and Kids

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They involve everyone and awaken the detective and adventurer within. There are unlimited variations and possibilities to build a hunt around, from mall to crazy holiday, video to clue, outdoor to indoor, and road trip to around town. Use them as they are or change them to suit your event. Need a little direction?
Print and send out these around town scavenger hunt invitations to each guest to notify them of the activity you are planning:. Here are example scavenger hunt list ideas of things each team needs to collect during the scavenger hunt:. If you want to make things a bit harder, great scavenger hunt list ideas is to add things that have a specific color, touch, smell, sound, or any other characteristic. Here are a few example scavenger hunt list ideas of photographs each team needs to come back with:. The following example scavenger hunt list ideas are video-taping scenarios each team needs to video-tape:.