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The bottom line really is all about choices and how people want to play the game, for me personally I remove the pixalated censor because I think it looks ridiculous on horses in a field. But, I also use the never nude trait for the very young and very old Sims, to protect their modesty. That way Sims change into their bathing costumes when they take a bath or shower, and of course remain fully clothed when they use the toilet. Skinny dipping is always going to happen especially with high free will, but now you can actually choose for them to swim, sunbathe even sleep naked. Legitimately you can enhance your female Sims physique without mods, yet Mr Sim will always look a bit flat in comparison.

Really Real Sims

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Realistic skin

Forgot your password? The guide above doesnt list that many, and I want to have more opions. Are there any more options? I'm using GECK. It works alright most of the time, but sometimes you can see a tiny tiny gap between the bottom and the upper body.
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