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The raunchy comedy Sleeping with Other People opened in select cities over the weekend, starring Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis as people who slept together in college and have had doomed relationships ever since. They reunite and try to stay friends, but things inevitably get sexy. In person, the three of them continued talking graphically about the film's sex scenes, and Guff was there to egg them on. Look for Sleeping With Other People at a theater near you. Q: This is such a gloriously raunchy comedy, did you try anything that went too far?

Sleeping With Other People: Alison Brie explains her 'inner Khaleesi' in exclusive NSFW clip

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The movie throws in some entertaining plot twists that add to the story. Ultimately, the movie validates monogamy and marriage over promiscuity, which is viewed as empty and unsatisfying. The movie follows Jake Jason Sudeikis and Lainey Alison Brie , two thirtysomething New Yorkers who met in college many years before and lost their virginity to each other in a one-night stand. They meet again as members of a sex addiction anonymous group and exchange contact information, even though they feel awkward about meeting again. When Jake realizes Lainey thought they were on a date, he tries to shift gears, but then they decide they feel better as friends and vow to avoid having sex together again, but to be extremely good friends.

Guff Interview: Alison Brie, Jason Sudeikis and Leslye Headland Talk Dirty

Romantic relationships are difficult. Anyone and everyone who's been in them can attest to this fact. Romantic relationships as presented in film and television? Sometimes we all need an escape into a fairy tale or soap opera-style fictional relationship, but it's also nice when films and television shows are grounded in the gritty and flawed reality of the world as we know and live it.
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