Test tube sex

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The origin and evolution of sex, and the associated role of recombination, present a major problem in biology. Sex typically involves recombination of closely related DNA or RNA sequences, which is fundamentally a random process that creates but also breaks up beneficial allele combinations. Directed evolution experiments, which combine in vitro mutation and recombination protocols with in vitro or in vivo selection, have proved to be an effective approach for improving functionality of nucleic acids and enzymes. As this approach allows extreme control over evolutionary conditions and parameters, it also facilitates the detection of small or position-specific recombination benefits and benefits associated with recombination between highly divergent genotypes. Yet, in vitro approaches have been largely exploratory and motivated by obtaining improved end products rather than testing hypotheses of recombination benefits.

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Sex helps even if you're having a test-tube baby | New Scientist

From Viagra to in vitro fertilization, new technologies are rapidly changing the global face of reproductive health. They are far from neutral: religious, cultural, social, and legal contexts condition their global transfer. The way a society interprets and adopts or rejects a new technology reveals a great deal about the relationship between bodies and the body politic. Reproductive health technologies are often particularly controversial because of their potential to reconfigure kinship relationships, sexual mores, gender roles, and the way life is conceptualized. This collection of original ethnographic research spans the region from Morocco and Tunisia to Israel and Iran and covers a wide range of technologies, including emergency contraception, medication abortion, gamete donation, hymenoplasty, erectile dysfunction, and gender transformation. Foster and L. Wynn, Angel M.

Sex in a test tube: testing the benefits of in vitro recombination

By Rachel Nowak. During orgasm the uterus contracts, so sex could in theory dislodge an implanted embryo. There is also a risk of getting infections that could harm the embryo. On the flip side, animal studies have shown that something in semen actually encourages embryo development. To find out whether or not intercourse is beneficial, Kelton Tremellen of Adelaide University and his colleagues followed the fate of over a thousand test-tube embryos transferred to women in Australia and Spain.
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