Witcher 3 deadly delight

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This quest can only be started by finding the notice on Harborside 's notice board. From there, you can find Gilbert standing guard at the bridge around the Fish Market and he'll tell you a bit about the bodies and that they're at the docks, set to be burned soon. With that, head to the marker to find the medic and talk with him, exhausting all the points to learn more about the killings, which will then point you to a location behind Crippled Kate's. Here you'll find 3 tracks: unimportant guard's tracks and children footprints, and hoofprints, but walking on 2 legs. Follow the hoofprints around until they point you to the backdoor of Crippled Kate's. While the quest will update to talk to the madame , you may notice in the alley corner just past the door something else with your Witcher Senses.

Contract: Deadly Delights

Contract: Deadly Delights Walkthrough and Best Choice | The Witcher 3|Game8

This quest can be acquired via a notice posted on the Golden Sturgeon Notice board, near the docks West of Hierarch Square. Following the conversation, make your way over to the docks to the west and speak with the Medic here about the contract. Once you have quizzed him using all the available conversation options, our objectives will update. This can be found in a back alley close to the south of the bridge by the fish market where we started the side-quest. When you arrive at the site of the attack, examine the investigation area. You can inspect the following points of interest:. Follow the hooved footprints away from the crime scene along the streets here until they turn into a side alley.

Contract: Deadly Delights Walkthrough and Best Choice | The Witcher 3

Acquired in Novigrad, this quest tasks Geralt of Rivia with tracking down the one behind the murders of a group of guards. It all begins with Geralt talking to the medical examiner. From there, the player can find out more about the corpses such as injuries, locations, and more along those lines. This will give you a starting point for your search. After locating a few clues and stumbling across a perfume-scent trail Geralt finds himself in front of a house where he finally confirms his gut feeling about the offender.
After talking to the guard, head to the medic to examine the bodies. After talking to the medic to clues about what type of monster it is, head to the crime scene to investigate further. Use your Witcher Senses at the crime scene to find hoof prints.