Yue ni hitozuma wa netorareta.

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Category: Romantic
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Yue ni Hitozuma wa Netorareta 1

Yue Ni Hitozuma Wa Netorareta 1 Subbed | Hentaigasm - Stream Hentai

A married couple runs a coffee shop, but the husband is currently in the hospital. Pretending to be a good guy, the landlord uses that to blackmail her. She then becomes his outlet to release his sexual frustration. Minami has started working part-time recently as a married woman. To welcome her, her workplace holds a welcoming party, at which she gets blasted. Sending the rest of the staff home, the manager starts fondling and stripping Minami who is passed out. Sticking his gorging dick inside her, he fucks her roughly.

Yue ni Hitozuma wa Netorareta - Episode 1

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