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After receiving a brand herself, Salzman recruited other female NXIVM members into DOS and attended their branding ceremony, which she described in court Monday, at times using clinical language. The women stripped naked and gathered in a circle around a massage table, she testified, and held down the woman being branded, pulling her arms above her head. Members were forced to submit collateral like nude photos before learning about the group, which was advertised as a sisterhood and a sorority. Prosecutors and Salzman both say that collateral negated any knowing consent the women could have given to branding, labor or sex with Raniere. When Salzman herself agreed to join the group and turn over collateral, she said she received her brand within a few days. At the end of proceedings Tuesday, Assistant U.

Former ‘Slave Master’ Recounts Sex Cult Branding Ritual

Former ‘Slave Master’ Recounts Sex Cult Branding Ritual

By Emily Saul and Lia Eustachewich. June 7, pm Updated June 7, pm. An alleged Nxivm sex slave sobbed Friday as she recalled being strapped to a table naked while another woman forcibly performed oral sex on her. The year-old actress, who was blindfolded during the May 31, ordeal, then looked up at the ceiling of the Brooklyn federal courtroom and began to cry. Nicole said she was blindfolded and driven to an undisclosed location in the Albany area for the sex act — which prosecutors earlier said was carried out by another slave named Camila. I was a young woman. She burst into sobs as she told the court about running to her close pal Emiliano Salinas, another Nxivm member and son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, for comfort shortly after the alleged assault.

Former 'slave' in New York sex cult says founder ordered naked meetings

When he was unable to attend the meetings in person, the women would take a naked photo and text it to him - making sure he could see where they had been branded with his initials, Salzman said. Raniere, 58, faces charges including sex trafficking and child pornography for allegedly using his self-help group, Nxivm, to hide a secretive sorority known as DOS in which young women were forced to have sex with him, follow dangerously restrictive diets and obey his every command. If convicted of the most serious charges, Raniere faces life in prison.
Lauren Salzman leaves Brooklyn federal court in New York. Salzman flew into a panic. According to her testimony — which has so far taken three days — when police arrived at the home where Raniere was staying, he was taking a nap in an upstairs bedroom, so she ran up to try to help him escape. She talked to the police through the bedroom door, asking if they had a warrant. Yet she tried to remain calm.