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Published: Sep 23, See More by HetaliaLove A sense of nausea sets in as their infected flesh rots And you're up against the hunger of their underfed maws Yet there's one above the rest - you can never fend off And he's coming for you next Are you ready or not? When I'm present I want every hat off Show me some respect - cuz I was bred to shed blood No regrets for the fact I've had my sentience robbed Empathy's a petty sentiment that I forgot When you enter Hell, I want the exit kept locked You're indebted to the devil from the bets you have lost I can break your neck, pop your head and drop undead jaws After takin' all the fight you had left to have fought Detective-level.

Drop Pop Candy English lyrics

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I'm also really pleased with the result. Gacha and Rana are a good match hehe. I always take a lot of time to finish my stuff so thank you Nadia for bearing with me, I hope we'll collab again! Loading playlists Skip navigation.

Drop Pop Candy

It is about unrequited love. An alternate version, featuring Giga-P and Reol, was uploaded at the same time. This song has entered the Hall of Fame in less than 7 days since its release. It later entered the Hall of Legend. Plankton and Mr.
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